Entrepreneurs who start up small businesses are by no means assured of success, and managing a small business, although exciting, is fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. When your company becomes profitable, therefore, it’s a cause for celebration.

Here are some of the best options on how to manage small business profits.

Keep Some on the Books

Once your business earns profits, it’s a good idea to keep some in cash on the company balance sheet. This shows strong owner’s equity, which is an indication of financial prosperity. If in the future you pursue a loan to grow your business, a healthy bottom line impresses lenders.

Hire Some Help

You may have earned your first business profits by doing almost everything yourself, but when your company reaches a certain stage of growth, you’re going to hit a significant bottleneck unless you obtain some assistance. Hire employees to take some of the load off your shoulders, or outsource repetitive work so you can focus on management.

Obtain Equipment

If your company needs equipment, consider using a portion of your profits to purchase these needs. Not only will use of the upgraded equipment spur further growth, but also small businesses can currently claim a deduction for the entire purchase price under Section 179 of the IRS tax code.

Invest in Marketing

The proper implementation of marketing attracts more clients to your business, so investing in marketing is a good use of company profits. Be sure that you track the success of your marketing endeavors so that you can find out what techniques work best and concentrate on those.

Indulge Yourself

Although it’s sound procedure to reinvest profits into your company, it’s also important to acknowledge your achievements by indulging in some celebratory activities. Upgrade your wardrobe, repair your car, or go on a trip. Take a break, relax, and enjoy your earnings.

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