Productivity from your team is a ‘must-have’ for your business to thrive. Getting more ‘output’ per hour requires coaching, connection, and concentration. Here are six tips to improve the productivity of your staff.

Eliminate non-value add activities

Even the most efficient team member engages in activities that don’t add value to your organization. Challenge everyone to identify at least one non-value add habit – like sitting and waiting for a meeting to start — and remove it from their daily work.

Stay focused on work

Encourage your team to focus on work-related activities until a scheduled break. It’s tempting to read news online or take a few minutes to schedule an after-work appointment, but these distractions lower productivity.

Make health a priority

Productivity is easier to achieve when team members have life-balance. Make sure everyone has lunch or takes a short walk outside during breaks. The occasional 12-hour day isn’t unexpected with small businesses but shouldn’t be the norm. A schedule with work, rest, and relaxation will help your team stay with you for the long run.

Teach time management

Talk about ways to manage time, such as responding to emails two or three times daily instead of immediately. Schedule 15-minute meetings to force attention on priority issues. If you have an open office environment, provide quiet rooms where staff can work uninterrupted.

Emphasize preparation

Productivity can be improved with up-front preparation for the day. Have your team review the day’s events at close-of-business and prepare a list of follow-up activities so they’ll ‘hit-the-ground-running’ the next day.  Insights about what to expect tomorrow will help them relax during off-hours.

Showcase productivity with pride

Tying productivity to compensation isn’t effective. Create a culture where working toward a common goal is personally rewarding. A trusting, collaborative environment where everyone’s contribution is valued will increase satisfaction and productivity.

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