Can Enhancing Your Office Environment Make Your Business More Productive?

The trend in recent years to open up the office environment has undoubtedly brought about greater interaction and communication between office employees, and theoretically that should lead to increased productivity. Except that it doesn’t always work that way. In many cases, the banishment of office cubicles and partitions has actually led to a loss of concentration among workers, with more conversations and distractions interfering with task accomplishment. Here’s how you can maintain the best of both worlds.

Re-configuring the workplace for productivity

Collaboration between employees is a very desirable thing – as long as it’s managed and not a constant state of affairs. To maximize the benefits of employee cooperation and collaboration, setup separate offices and rooms which can be used for conferences, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. The partitioned environment still works well for helping employees to focus on their individual tasks and assignments, and when there’s some value to be gained from interacting with groups, that can easily be arranged.

Furnish the office for productivity

Employees who have comfortable and ergonomically designed office furniture will probably be much more productive than those who spend a lot of their time fidgeting and trying to get comfortable. Office desks should be positioned at the right level, chairs should be right-sized, supportive, and comfortable, and break areas should have sofas which promote relaxation and a re-charging of the batteries. Temperatures in the office should be at a level which promotes productivity, and lighting should make everything clearly visible without having a glare that bothers the eyes. When the office environment is tailored for employee comfort and productivity, your business will reap the rewards.

Increasing business productivity with IRC Commercial Lending

If increasing productivity at the workplace is a concern for your business, you may require funding to promote greater productivity. Contact us at IRC Commercial Lending, so we can discuss ways of financing your business productivity initiatives in the office environment.