Equipment Financing

Using Equipment Financing to Improve Your Small Business

Your business’ equipment is at the heart of successful operation. If it breaks or stop functioning efficiently, it can cost you a great deal, even without taking the costs of repair into account. Luckily, financing for small businesses is an incredibly common occurrence today. It is easier than ever to get the working capital you need, and special programs exist which are especially beneficial for the acquisition of equipment. Whether your equipment is broken or simply in need of an upgrade, IRC Commercial Lending can help. Learn all about our equipment financing plans.

IRC Commercial Lending’s Equipment Financing

The following are only a few of the unique financing options we have available for when you need to get new equipment for your small business:

Start-up Equipment

No equipment is more important that the ones you purchase to get your business off the ground at the very beginning. We can help you acquire start-up equipment.

Equipment Leasing

You do not necessarily need to purchase the equipment. Better rates may be available if you take advantage of a leasing program instead. Plus, with a leaseback option, ownership of the equipment can be transferred to you once you have finished making payments.

Government Leasing Programs

Municipal entities can also take advantage of our equipment financing services.

At IRC Commercial Lending, we take pride in helping small business owners get the financing they need to succeed. We are passionate about helping people and we are eager to learn how we can serve you. We are different from other lending firms because we always work alongside our clients to determine what financing option would be best for their unique situation. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so your loan will be very different from every other loan we set up. Learn more about how IRC Commercial Lending can help your business thrive.

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