Merchant Cash Advance

The Simplicity of the Merchant Cash Advance

As a small business owner, you likely have already considered the possibility of a small business loan. While financing is a great and incredibly common strategy that many small business owners choose, a traditional loan still does not appeal to many. The merchant cash advance is a simpler kind of financing that solves many of the problems loans have. The benefits include:

Less Required Paperwork

No Closing Costs

Simpler Qualification Requirements

Shorter Processing Time

No Upfront Fees

No Required Collateral

How it Works

Unlike a traditional loan, a merchant cash advance does not have pre-set monthly payments. Instead, a small percentage of your credit card sales is taken each month. This means that less is paid back on slower months and more is paid back on busies months. This is especially appealing for seasonal businesses or companies with inconsistent income. With the simpler application and approval process, shorter time to be approved, and lower qualifications, a cash advance is an incredibly accessible financing option for any small business owner.

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