Purchase Order Financing

How to Use Purchase Order Financing to Grow Your Business

There is a common problem that rapidly growing businesses nearly always run into. In fact, maybe you have already hit this issue. As you take larger and larger orders, you may receive an order so large that you do not have the resources to fill it.

When this happens, you have two choices. You can either turn the client away, which means you cannot take advantage of the huge amounts of profits available, or you can utilize purchase order financing. As a specialized type of financing designed for this situation specifically, order financing is a great way to satisfy your client and grow your business. Learn more about purchase order financing and how IRC Commercial Lending can help you be approved for a loan.

How It Works

The first thing that happens when you are approved for order financing is we pay your supplier. This frees you up to immediately begin working on your client’s order. Do everything you can to meet their needs to the best of your ability. Then, when the order is done and it is time for the client to pay, we take a portion of the payment to repay the loan, leaving the rest of the profits to you. Other benefits include:

Shorter Processing Time

Improve Market Share

Avoid Losing Equity

Avoid Bad Reputation

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