When you’re a small business owner, it can seem like making progress is hard. Complications arise and there are a thousand things to do. How can you find the motivation to do it all? Well, it all starts with mindset. Use these motivational tips to cultivate the positive attitude you need for success.

1. Get fresh air and exercise every day

Something as simple as taking a walk each morning or on your lunch break can rejuvenate your brain. Leave your phone alone and use the walk as time to mull over issues or ideas.

2. Leave your comfort zone

Motivation can easily be sapped if we’re feeling stagnant in our lives or routines. Mix it up a little by taking a class, trying a new hobby, or even mixing up your business strategies (after doing research on them, of course). Introducing change to your life will keep your brain flexible and adaptable.

3. Socialize with peers

Find someone in the industry you can connect with, whether that’s grabbing coffee and picking each other’s brains, attending networking sessions, or hosting a community event.

4. Remind yourself why you do what you do

Read notes of gratitude or positive reviews from customers to remember how your product or service is helping others.

5. Read as much as possible

Work through books written by successful entrepreneurs and write down your favorite quotes to keep on your desk.

6. Listen to lectures like TED Talks

If you have a morning commute, put on a TED Talk or podcast on a topic you’d like to learn more about. It’s an efficient use of your time and will help get you motivated for the day!

7. Regularly re-visit and update your goals

It’s valuable to break your big goals down into smaller ones, so you can keep track of all the achievements you’re crushing and stay focused on your end goals. However, don’t be afraid to pivot if you decide that new goals would be more beneficial or achievable for your business!

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