Holiday seasons bring good cheer and enjoyable events, but they can also produce stress, fatigue, and uneven cash flow in your small business. The challenge is to accommodate the holiday spirit without significant disruption to your company’s productivity. Here are some tips on how to maintain efficiency during the holidays.

Set an Example

The leader sets an example for his team. During holiday seasons, avoid the temptation to become overly lax or inordinately pushy. Instead, keep a balance of holiday happiness and emphasis on productivity that you expect your employees to follow.

Encourage Productivity

At the beginning of holiday seasons, get together with your employees and discuss how to overcome possible hindrances to small business productivity. These could include limited availability of vendors and the impact of increased holiday mailing on your shipping schedules. To encourage employee commitment to productivity, plan a holiday-themed competition to reward the individual or team that first hits a specific goal.

Express Appreciation

Holidays are a great time to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Acknowledge the hard work your team puts in by scheduling a party either on site or at a nearby venue.

Schedule Time Off

Besides their stressful workloads, employees will have extra outside responsibilities during the holidays. Giving them time off to fulfill these obligations will ensure that they are completely focused on their jobs during working hours. Your personnel might also appreciate some time on Friday afternoons to sip hot chocolate, listen to holiday music, and socialize with one another.

Support Charities

Supporting local charities as a team during the holidays offers a dynamic boost to company culture. Consider volunteering at a homeless shelter, helping out at a food bank, or gathering gifts for children. Working together on a worthy cause inspires a great spirit of unity.

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